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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Software Downloads

Welcome to the downloads section, where there will be many software in which you will need to download for Money Makers Academy, this software is very important and is likely the source of your business, Keep that in mind and download as much of this software as possible.

Keep in mind that I will have extra downloads, ones that aren't the most important but will help your business, and then others that are fun, and great to have. So keep that in mind and download all the greatest software you can get your hands on.

Also remember that some of this software I had to purchase, But I am willingly giving it most away for free, so in that case please help me by donating, it can really help the site. Basically you are getting mostly over thousands of dollars in software, which is why it would really be nice of you to donate.

Article Assistant
get articles published fast and instantly, start pumping out content in minutes. Just Start By registering, Than you can get your download for free!

Directory Submitter
get back links simple, easy, and fast, with hundreds of directories to automatically submit to. Go Register To get it for free, just click download.

Website Traffic Free 1.0
reveals on video how to get 1000's of Free One-Way backlinks in Google, Yahoo and MSN overnight.

Instant Buzz Toolbar
One of the best traffic sources available, though it doesn't all ways work well with Mozilla Firefox, It can really bring loads of traffic to your site. EASY!!

Viral Shock
This is a must have! If you are planning on running a business I personally recommend Viral shock, for it has done so much for me, after I upgraded to pro, it completely changed my internet experience, so head over and download this,Its a good idea to upgrade to pro, but no pressure.

Free Viral
This Viral Marketing system works for you around-the-clock to bring you traffic!
Click The Download Button To Register and start getting traffic! (This is not a download) Instead it is a free advertising website! It is one of my secrets!

Traffic Travis
Take your market research, search engine optimization and PPC campaigns to a whole new level with this suite of professional tools.Traffic Travis gives you a godlike perspective over all aspects of your SEO and PPC campaigns, so you can spot opportunities that others might miss!Whether you're an experienced internet marketer or a complete newbie, put Traffic Travis to work and your campaigns will thank you!And do you want to know the best part? Traffic Travis is now FREE! 

Magic Traffic Bot 1.1
Discover The JUST RELEASED Secret of How To Generate A Massive Flood Of Targeted Traffic And Cash-In-Hand Visitors To ANY Website Each And Every Month Completely On Autopilot And...... 100% FREE! Breakthrough: The Secret To Generating MILLIONS of *FREE* Visitors To Your Site!


Thank you and Feel Free To download all the software you would like.
This is all the software I permanently use, But you can try These others as well, They have all proven use full to me!


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