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Friday, December 11, 2009

Convert Banner To HTML for Free!

Converting a Banner to HTML is very simple, this guide is for those who have not figured it out yet. With this knowledge, you will not have to use picture tools to place banners on your page, Instead you Paste it straight in to your HTML! This is how it works, If you made your own using tools like MS paint and others, Save the banner to your desktop. Once it is on your desktop open up your website, and place it as a picture wherever you want. When you have done this Publish your website, Go to it and right click that picture, go to Properties and next to the word Location is you new HTML, now you can paste it anywhere and is way easier that uploading it as a picture every time! I use this method a lot for sponsor banners and what not. Here are the basic steps!

1. Save Picture to desktop

2. Upload it as Picture

3. Publish and Go to the page

4. Properties, Location

And that's it! You have your own Brand new HTML banner which you can put on other sites or pay to place on other peoples sites! It is a pretty handy trick. ( It is recommended to try this out with blogger, Because its proven to be the easiest way in my opinion!) It is a handy trick to know!
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Software Downloads

Welcome to the downloads section, where there will be many software in which you will need to download for Money Makers Academy, this software is very important and is likely the source of your business, Keep that in mind and download as much of this software as possible.

Keep in mind that I will have extra downloads, ones that aren't the most important but will help your business, and then others that are fun, and great to have. So keep that in mind and download all the greatest software you can get your hands on.

Also remember that some of this software I had to purchase, But I am willingly giving it most away for free, so in that case please help me by donating, it can really help the site. Basically you are getting mostly over thousands of dollars in software, which is why it would really be nice of you to donate.

Article Assistant
get articles published fast and instantly, start pumping out content in minutes. Just Start By registering, Than you can get your download for free!

Directory Submitter
get back links simple, easy, and fast, with hundreds of directories to automatically submit to. Go Register To get it for free, just click download.

Website Traffic Free 1.0
reveals on video how to get 1000's of Free One-Way backlinks in Google, Yahoo and MSN overnight.

Instant Buzz Toolbar
One of the best traffic sources available, though it doesn't all ways work well with Mozilla Firefox, It can really bring loads of traffic to your site. EASY!!

Viral Shock
This is a must have! If you are planning on running a business I personally recommend Viral shock, for it has done so much for me, after I upgraded to pro, it completely changed my internet experience, so head over and download this,Its a good idea to upgrade to pro, but no pressure.

Free Viral
This Viral Marketing system works for you around-the-clock to bring you traffic!
Click The Download Button To Register and start getting traffic! (This is not a download) Instead it is a free advertising website! It is one of my secrets!

Traffic Travis
Take your market research, search engine optimization and PPC campaigns to a whole new level with this suite of professional tools.Traffic Travis gives you a godlike perspective over all aspects of your SEO and PPC campaigns, so you can spot opportunities that others might miss!Whether you're an experienced internet marketer or a complete newbie, put Traffic Travis to work and your campaigns will thank you!And do you want to know the best part? Traffic Travis is now FREE! 

Magic Traffic Bot 1.1
Discover The JUST RELEASED Secret of How To Generate A Massive Flood Of Targeted Traffic And Cash-In-Hand Visitors To ANY Website Each And Every Month Completely On Autopilot And...... 100% FREE! Breakthrough: The Secret To Generating MILLIONS of *FREE* Visitors To Your Site!


Thank you and Feel Free To download all the software you would like.
This is all the software I permanently use, But you can try These others as well, They have all proven use full to me!

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Converting PDF to HTML for free very fast!

This is a very simple secret to convert your PDF file to HTML automatically! It is very easy and its all I use, I never go out and buy anything for PDF files. Fallow these Step by Step,...

1. Get a gmail Account
Go to sign up for a free account confirm it and thats all for step 1.

2. Compose a New Message!
Go to the link that says "Compose New"  which will bring you too a new message, Attach the PDF file to that message and send it to yourself. That means your new gmail account, not any other account. When you send the message you should see a new message in your inbox right away.

3. Open and get HTML!
This of course is the best part, Open up the new message you just received, There will be 2 options View and Download. Right Click the View link and go to Properties There you will see the word Location:, That is your new HTML link! Its long but free! 

I use this method because Its free, Easy, you dont have to download anything, and best of all IT WORKS!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Obtaining the right Mind Set For Obtaning a Great Online Business!

Everybody should know and understand that a mindset is everything in being successful in business, You cant just tell yourself that you want to make a lot of money. You have to have goals and dreams, you have to be so dedicated to obtaining your dreams that nothing can stop you! If you don't believe me and think that mindset is that least important thing, than this business is likely not for you! You don't understand how important this is! You have to be able to experience the feelings of your goals. I know this sounds funny but I am dead serious. If your not experiencing the feelings, Than you probably wont be very successful. Now I am going to give you some training for Obtaining the right mind set. There are going to be just 3 steps, those steps are in order.

1. Focus your Goals and Drive to Achieve Success!
Get a blank piece of paper, And write down at least 20 things you want in your future. This is a very important step! It doesn't matter what those things are. Just write down your wildest dreams, they don't even have to be possible! Do you remember when your a kid and you thought you could do anything? Bring those thoughts into this. For instance, if you want a Private Jet, or to be able to take world trips to places such as Egypt or Rome or Places like Disney World, You can write down a Helicopter and a Landing Pad on your roof. Snowmobiles, Home Theaters, Indoor and outdoor pool, even an underground pool! Just think like anything is possible! Farrari, Backyard Waterfall, Being able to help those that need it, such as family members, charity's, and maybe even into programs that help young Adults stay out of trouble, Or help them stop their addiction to drugs. Just write it down like anything is possibe! This is a very important step! Because you will keep this paper, as a reminder of your dreams, So every time you look at that paper, You will get motivated again and do what you need to do!, Trust me I didnt want to do this either, But I did and it was definitely for the best benefit, Because I have used my paper as a checklist, And I have checked off about 3/4ths of that paper! I find that a huge achievement! And I am still motivated to check off the rest. If you have finished this step, It is time for step 2.

2. Experience the Motivation and Drive!
This is where you have to literally experience all the goals mentioned on your piece of paper! Sit down and look over you piece of paper! and put yourself in a deep trance and think what your life would be like if you achieved those goals. Imagine sitting next to the Pyramids in Egypt, Flying there with your own Helicopter or Private Jet! Imagine driving to the Airport, Stepping out of your vehicle and immediately into your own private jet, no waiting in lines, and everyone around you being jealous of your success. Imagine pulling into a gas station with the nicest Ferrari anybody has ever seen, and everyone is just staring at your car, thinking to themselves that it must be nice, completely jealous. This may sound  mean, But you worked hard to achieve that goal. You would definitely be feeling good about yourself! Think about helping your family members move into a new home, or maybe even pay for your parents retirement. Imagine the looks on their faces, to see that you have grown into that kind of person. It doesn't matter what you think about, But picture the future life that you want and imagine yourself rolling up to you mansion in your Ferrari! Picture everything you wrote down! this will help you experience the feeling! So do this now!!

If you have fallowed these to steps briefly, you should have experienced the feeling for yourself, If you have experienced the feeling, you are most definitely ready to move on to building your business, Because you have the drive to keep going and make your dreams come true! If you truly feel ready to build your business after reading this.
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Ultimate Twitter Traffic Pro Method!

Twitter is one of the most important resourses in a marketers life. This is a huge secret to everyone on the online busyness. It is truly amazing how improtant twitter is. It can be used to triple ones earning potential.

First go grab yourself an account, I wouldn't name your twitter URL after yourself, in fact I would think of maybe a TV show or famous person that is an expert on your topic niche and use a name that can copycat that. This way when people you are targeting see your name, they will know you, they wont just say “who is that” and walk away. You need to grab fallower's and this is a great start to that.

After you grab your account, I know that it will be tempting. But do not go and start fallowing everybody on the network. You will look like a spammer, though this truly could result in a lot of fallowers, it wont matter because none of them will have an interest in your topic niche. Make sure you are targeting people that are interested in your topics.

First thing you should do, is download Twhirl this is an excellent tool for twitter, in fact after downloading it you will never have to get involved in twitters main site again. You can just open It from your desktop and its just a little box on your desktop.

You can fully operate twitter from right there. If you go to youtube and type in
“ed dale” His page will come up, click on it and browse his videos until you find the how to use twhirl videos. He will completely show you how to use everything on twhirl, and that mans knowledge with twitter is truly phenomenal.
  • Promote Your Twitter - I promoted my twitter everywhere, from my blog to my email list to forum signatures. Do whatever you can to send tons of traffic to your twitter page.
  • Engage In Conversations - If people don’t see you actually engaging in conversations i.e. replying to other people’s tweets then they will see you as unsocial and simply unfollow you. Twitter is about interaction and relationships. Just think of it this way: will you still continue following someone who just simply ignores you? Unless he or she is a celebrity or thought-leader, probably not. One-way communication just doesn’t work to well on Twitter.
  • Tweet Useful Content - Simply tweet stuff that are interesting or useful and people will follow you. If all you do is tweet “at work” or “at home” or “at school”, you probably won’t get too many followers. 

    Tweet Often - Not tweeting is one of the biggest turn-offs to a follower. It’s just like not updating your blog for a couple of months. People will simply not come back to your site (or unfollow you in this case) Make sure to tweet at least once per day. Of course don’t over do it.
  • Answer Questions – when you are using twhirl, it is easy to look up and find the places that people need help in your topic niche. Help them and talk them into fallowing you. A very easy way.
 Another HUGE secret for getting loads of fallowers fast, is a tool called Twitter Blaster Pro. This is a BIG secret. It allows you to auto fallow however many people you want a day. It is really great. So for using this method, I suggest only use it if your starting out to get a good fallower count. So you look more popular. 

So here is what you do, Auto fallow 100 new people everyday, and every other day unfallow those that have not fallowed you back. To do this fast use the twitter karma tool. You can find both these tools if you type them in the search bar at the top of the page (Very top) Twitter blaster pro you download, Twitter Karma is just another way to login to your twitter account basically, except its to control who and who doesnt fallow you.

Using Every single method I told you here to day, everyday for the next 30 days, You could very well have over 20,000 Fallowers. But thats with time and effort, and if the content your posting is any good.

The whole point of twitter for your business is talking people into fallowing you. By helping them and starting good conversation. Tell them that you have great information that can prove use full to them, and all they have to do to get it is fallow you. This really does work, and if you dont use twitter for your busyness, you are truly a fool. THIS IS A MUST DO!!!!!!!
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mass Traffic With Backlinks!

Backlinks are a huge part of blogging and owning your own website. It gives you exposure wich also gives you more traffic and more traffic means more subscriber's and more subscriber's equal more money. It is all in the hard work, and it does take a while to get a lot of backlinks to your site. But I am going to give you a way to do it very fast.

Go download your version of seriously, This is what you need if you truly want good backlinks. Article Assistant will completely amaze you and do everything for you. All you need to do Is download it and it will help you submit hundreds of backlinks for free! So hurry up and get that.

Another thing that you must do to get a lot of backlinks fast is write articles. Thats right, every time you write an article you can submit it to over 200 article websites and put a backlink to your website on it. Imagine if you wrote 200 articles, and submited those 200 articles to all 200 websites, imagine how many backlinks that would be, I cant even do the math (figure of speech) but seriously if you want to be able to do something like that just download this free software, it not only helps you submit articles, but helps you make them too! So download it here at

Do be aware that you need to use this link in your in your author box. So basically If your URL was and your keyword was goldfish, but the words you want to show up as the link is Aliens then it would look like this. title=goldfish>Tropical Fish
That would show up as Aliens

I hope you understood that because it is very crucial in your article back links.
You can also submit your links to forums and even other blogs. Just comment loads of blogs and leave a backlink, make sure to explain in your comment what youre website is, but dont make it to long because people get easily annoyed. With forums all you have to do is place your link and a discription in one of your forums, and there you go you have a bunch of backlinks from those comments and forums.
You can also exchange links online with other bloggers and other website owners, The best place for this is likely but they are likely booked. They are not letting new people in right now but keep checking so if they do you can hurry up and grab your spot. That is the Link exchange world try not to miss out on it.
 You can also submit News articles, try to take an article you wrote, turn it into a news article and submit it to news sites. That is a super effective way to get backlinks because if you article is good enough, it can likely get a front page which will creat a suction cup of traffic to your site. If you can get your article on the front of a website like than you will be really happy with the results.

Another great place too submit news articles is at, that place will likely bring you a couple boatloads full of traffic. This is one of my better strategy's, There are other places but I would definitely recommend those two, in fact I wouldnt go with any others. But incase you really want to here is a couple more.

I would stay within those four websites, They are the best ones you can find. Others are just a waste of time.

Another affective way to get backlinks is by buying them, this could prove very helpful and is likely better than the free ones, they dont cost a lot and are very easy to set up. So here are some great sites to buy links from.

Those are all of the main ways to get backlinks to your blogs, there are other ways that are actually very smart but a little harder to do and figure out. You can make a video which actually isnt that hard, and if it is good quality it can generate hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of views. It is very hard to make a video that can turn out that popular but it is something to try.

You can even try offline marketing, but that never proves very affective for me. Ok so my point in giving you all of these ways to make backlinks Is very simple. I do every single one of these tactics, and they all generate me thousands of views everyday. These are things you must do to get a blog that will generate that much traffic. So I recommend getting started on them right away.
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Write Articles For Money

Writing articles for money is an awesome way to make loads of revenue. You can get paid a lot of money just to right somebody an article, this is a very great place to start if you are looking for an online busyness.

It will definitely help your name get known. It is actually what I first started on and it proved to be a huge success for me. It is a little hard starting out but when you get used to it it gets really fun.

The best places to get paid to write articles are these three websites. I think is the funnest but if you want to make a lot of profit with a lot of work you can go to and
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Getting Unique Content

You have to make sure that you allways put new and unique content on your website or blog. It is definitely one of the most crucial part of owning a online website or blog. There are many ways you can get great content on your site. One of the best ways is Here you can get however many articles you want for your site. You just have to make sure that you keep the original writers links in the article, basically you can not change it at all.

But that is a super fast and easy way to get good articles. But there is one problem, they are not unique. Here are some other places you can go for the same thing.

The best place ont the internet to get great content that is unique and new and only 200 other people get these articles (which is super small if you have a big niche) just think about that though, out of a couple hundred thousand pages, only 200 people get the same article, Now that is awsome. Go sign up today!

You can allways write your own articles, which is what I do but only because they are very unique and I love to write. If you are lazy and just feel like getting the automatic articles than go for it. You need to have good content for your website.

Last but not least you can pay people to write your articles for you, there are many people that will be willing to write articles for a small profit, it is another easy way. But it can get kind of spendy. The best places to have this done are definitely these three websites.

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Profitable Strategies

Text Link sales
This is probably one of the easiest ways to make money online, all you have to do is go to popular forums and let people pay you to place their link on your site. All you have to do is anounce that your selling them on a forum and place a link. As soon as you have somewhat good traffic people will want to pay for a place on your website.

Banner ads
This is another easy way of making money with your website you do the same thing as above. You can anounce that you are looking for ad sponcers for your website over a forum and you can get paid loads of money for this, I heard of some people getting paid 10K for one banner. Imagine if you had around five on you website.

Paid Reviews
Now this is something you need to try out, its very easy and you can get paid a lot of money for it! All you need to do is sign up for a review site. You can then have people review your site, and then place those reviews on your website. Ive been paid 200 dollars for one single review. Talk about a profitable way to make money! Here are 4 great networks in wich you can do paid reviews.

These are all great way's to make money online I definitely think you should try every single one. Make them all work for yourself and see where you can go with it.
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Creating Your Own Product

Creating your own product is one of the most profitable techniques you can use to bring in the big bucks. Create your own information ebook like I did right here. It can be on anything interesting and profitable. It is one of the most smartest ways to really help you bring in the big bucks. I'd say the top three things you need to look at are

1)Make sure you have a good sales letter, Make sure they completely know what youre selling.
2)Make a quality product, dont get lazy and make garbage. It must contain something new.
3)Make sure you give good support! Keep your costumers happy.

I'd say if you stick to these three steps like glue, You are definitely able to come up with something good. Make sure you make it quality. Therefor your promoters will be happy.
This is really something you should do. Keep it in mind. To get super good traffic to your product super fast, use a joint venture.
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Joint Venture

Joint Venture is definitely an amazing tool, it is basically where you come to an agreement with another busyness owner and you promote each others websites. It can be so much as exchanging links, exchanging banners or ads, or it can even be promoting each others websites through subscriber's. Which would be very effective, joint venture can have a huge affect for both you and the other person. The most popular place today to get a joint venture is most likely at Definitely try it! This is another MUST DO! If you have your own product that you are selling, a joint venture could really be what you need because a partner will really help bring in the cash for just a bit of the revenue.

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Start Your Own At Home Business

If you have already gotten your website built and are already online than you do already have your very own online busyness. But these are ways that I have come across to be very helpful in your own online busyness, mainly to get experience and gain knowledge.

Start an ebay store! This is a super fun and easy way to start getting money right away. All you got to do is sign up, the fees are very small and very much worth your time. You should definitely think about this because all you have to do is find stuff around your house that you dont want anymore and put them in your store, ebay has guides and stuff to help you out in the long run. So try that out. Amazon is another way to start making fast money right away, its the same thing as the ebay store exept the fees are even smaller. All stuff that your selling sells really fast with Amazon.

If you have a account that can be considered your own buisness, and most people reading this do have a blogger acount.

There is another way to get your own online busyness going super fast, You get 8 full websites for a very low price. All of these websites are very effective if you use them right and they are all affiliate sites. You can sell someone elses product for however much you want. All eight websites are 100% under your control. You should try it, if you get the free version you only get one website but if you buy the pro you get 8 and 1 new one a month. So try it at
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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is what some call the heaven of online busyness. If you are planning an online busyness I strongly recommend that you use affiliate marketing. This is where you are going to hit the jackpot, Most people will not tell you a lot about affiliate marketing when they sell you their make money fast products. They all want to keep it to themselves, But I dont It is the heaven that everybody should know about.

Ok first of all Affiliate Marketing is a busyness in wich you are selling someone elses product for profit. You promote theire product and each and every time you make a sale, you get part of the commision. You should try to build a huge list of subscribers, so you can send emails to them promoting the product and get a lot of money out of the deal.

Here is a great affiliate marketing website that has thousands of products to chose from if you want to make money affiliate marketing this is where to start. Once more I will say make sure you have a subscriber button on your website that you can get from or That is a MUST HAVE!

I will show you how to build a big list of subscribers fast. But for now you can try If you want to get loads of traffic and subscriber's to your site super fast and super easy. Definitely sign up for that place is my secret weapon for traffic. But it can be complicated to use. is very easy to use, Just make sure that you find the correct product to sell. After you get your free account sign in and click on the marketplace tab at the top right of the page. Once there fill in the subject you want and maybe type in a keyword. Press search and you will then come across a page like this.

The two things you really need to pay attention to are the total sales and the % sale.

The total sale is just that, how much its selling for, the % sale is the most important, that is the percentage you are paid each sale. You should deffinitely try to find ones that are 60% up to 75%, And the products closest to the top are the ones that are best selling in that category. Those are the ones that you should try to Promote.
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Adding Adsense To Your Site

Adding Adsence to your site is simple, all you have to do is head over to Once your there sign up and make your own profile. When you are done and can sign in head over to Adsense setup and once there hit the site verification tab. Type in your URL and yours only. This allows your site to gain profit from adding adsense to your site.

When your done with that, hit the Get Ads go to adsense for content and then costomize and add your ads. You will get the code, if you have blogger your lucky cuz this part is easy. All you have to do is go to your layout screen and ad a gadget, click the Java link and paste the code in there and press save.

If you bought your Domain its going to be harder, You have to copy and past the code into your HTML for your site. Its hard to find the right place at first but you will get use to it. You usually put it under wherever you want. Colors and placement are very important, so do some research and try to find out the best placements for you ads.
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Finding Profitable Keywords

This is one of the best ways to find profitable keyword's for your niche. Here is the place that will give you everything you need to know about keywords, you will come to this page..

Just type in your niche and hit the hit me button,then you will come to a page like this..

As you can see for this niche we elevator speach, so basically the number next to the keyword's under searches tells us how many searches that subject gets, under keyword, is what is being searched the most for that topic niche. If you are just beginning do not get a high searched for niche because there will be a lot of competition. I would say the smartest thing to do is search the keyword that you find and are interested in Google and look at how much competition there will be..

Try to find a niche that has less than 50,000 pages and it will most likely be pretty profitable, if its a little more than it might be ok but try to keep it within 100,000 pages. That is one of the best ways to test your niche. Another thing to do if your trying to sell something, type in your niche and look at the sponcered links to the right side of the page. If there are a lot of sponcered links than the niche you are advertising will likely be very profitable.

There are other ways you can find profitable keywords I just find this to be the best technique there is. Also if you have a starting budget you should think about becoming a full time member of because it can turn out very profitable when you find the right keywords, and this website will help you in all the ways necessary.

As you can see for this niche we used coupons, so basically the number next to the keyword's under searches tells us how many searches that subject gets, under keyword, is what is being searched the most for that topic niche. If you are just beginning do not get a high searched for niche because there will be a lot of competition. I would say the smartest thing to do is search the keyword that you find and are interested in Google and look at how much competition there will be..


Try to find a niche that has less than 50,000 pages and it will most likely be pretty profitable, if its a little more than it might be ok but try to keep it within 100,000 pages. That is one of the best ways to test your niche. Another thing to do if your trying to sell something, type in your niche and look at the sponcered links to the right side of the page. If there are a lot of sponcered links than the niche you are advertising will likely be very profitable.

There are other ways you can find profitable keywords I just find this to be the best technique there is. Also if you have a starting budget you should think about becoming a full time member of because it can turn out very profitable when you find the right keywords, and this website will help you in all the ways necessary.

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Big Changes In Blog Community

Blogging is not how it use to be, it has been changing a lot, There have been huge changes in the blogging network just in the past couple of years. You need to be aware that changes can affect your blog in so many way's, You will find that when one big change happens, your profits will drop greatly.And when they drop greatly it is obvious that the reason is that your traffic has slowed down. I have been studying these changes for a while now and have found out some big ones, that you absolutely need to know about. In just the past Year and a Half all of these changes have taken place...

Advertising is growing to be a huge opporitunity for everybody in the world, Bloggers can immediatley take that advertising place it on theyre blogs and make huge profit. The only form of advertising that surpasses blog advertising is Pay Per Click, which is another form of marketing that we will get to later. This is obviously a great opportunity for everybody in the blogging community because we are all basically being tossed into a ring of money, you just have to out advertise others to obtain a permanent place in that ring.

Try not to get a free blog, that is something that is really killing the blogging network, if you do have one of these sights, the ones like you will not be able to join the ring as easy as the rest of us, it will take way longer and could even be impossible. Buying a domain name is easy and cheap, but we will get to that later. If you have already started a free blogging network, I do have good news. If you fallow along on this tutorial you to can obtain greatness, just not as easy as the rest of us. This system will teach you who have the free blog networks, how to get the big money.

It is true these 2 changes are very important to the blogging network. The fact that advertising is growing criticaly and the fact the free blogs are pretty much dead. Though this is true you can still make it work!
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Top 5 Most Important Blogging Facts

Youre blog needs to attract visitors and in most part, needs to stick those visitors to it.
This is very important in the blogging network, You need to have full time visitors coming
back to visit your page again and again. Make sure You give them a way to subscribe and when tthey do subscribe, make sure you send them weekly emails keeping them in touch with you blog, so they want to keep coming back. You need RSS feed buttons to make your blog feel more comfortable to everyone that visits. You can do this by using
This network will help you get your subscribe button's, and other great utilities to help bring in more traffic. Make sure to use chicklets like google and yahoo. Just the most popular ones will do.

Make sure that your blog has some personality, Don't make your blog boring to the point that knowbody will want to come back and read again. If it is boring your visitors will see it and leave right away. You need to make sure to put some “pizazz” into your blog make it interesting. You can use strategy's such as asking questions, asking for comments and ask them to give you their thoughts. There is a really cool tool you can use that has been very popular for me it is called a Shoutbox you can find this utility at this website.
Just make sure you write interesting stories and keep your audience alive.

Make as much money as possible, dont let anything go to waste, make sure you are keeping your audience in touch and make sure your blog is not being just tossed aside. Get in their faces and make sure you make a name for yourself. You can do stuff such as posting at forums which is easy, all you have to do is type your (your niche forums) in google or yahoo and you will find plenty of forums to post at. Get backlinks, and other strategy's we will talk about later on.

Do not let your blog die make sure you don't over pack it with advertising. That is a huge mistake, If you over pack your blog people will feel crowded and want to leave. Especially with the free blogs, If it looks like your only using your blog for money, blogger will delete it and you will never be able to use that blog again. It will be a Big disaster, because you will have lost everything you have worked for. So ways you can make it so your blog wont be deleted is to make sure that its pact with quality information. Add pictures and just a few advertisements, This way you will get the most out of what you worked to get. Keep posting! At least once a weak for your popular blogs. If you don't then it will die and you will lose all of your traffic. If you feel you have too many blogs and cant keep up with them all. Than simply sell them, You can use ebay for selling your blogs and get good profit out of the deal as well.

THE NUMBER ONE BIGGEST RULE TO FALLOW! Is to not give up! I have come so close so many times I have lost track. It can get very frustrating not knowing what you are suppose to do because one day you think you have found out the thing that will finally work, The one thing that will give you all the money you have been looking for, and then it all falls apart and you don't get the results you were hoping for or even any results at all. If that has happened to you I know exactly how you feel, I have been there so many times its unbelieveable. So just stick to it and if you have the heart and the endurance you will definitely succeed. GUARANTEED!
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Grabbing Your Domain Name, Getting Ready For Your Business

The first thing that you should do is head over to the downloads area and download the toolbars that you want, Some of these will definitely be needed for you business, example: The stumble upon toolbar, this toolbar allows you to bookmark a page by just giving it a thumbs up. This toolbar is very useful, All of the toolbars in the download area, under Add On's I use for my business.

Now after you have gotten ready you need to grab a domain name!

The First thing you need to do to get started is grab a domain name, There are many places you can buy a domain name for very little cash. The ones I would recommend are

Try To think of a domain name that relates your niche, If you pick the right domain name It could be like pouring visitors into your website by the gallon. How do you know what to name your website? That's easy, just think of the top 5 things people will benefit from and try to put them together and create a short name out of the.

This technique also works really good for the title you give your site. You need profitable Keywords! You need to know what people are searching for on the internet and you need the niche that wont have to many competitors. Which we will talk about briefly in a moment.

You also need to download Wordpress, that is a must do so head over to ( login using the username and password you already got from buying your domain name, scroll down and click on Fantasico, this will bring up a big list of software.

Select wordpress and then select new installation. Leave directory blank but fill in the rest of the information and your good to go. You can find loads of teaching videos and guides at this website

Make sure to design your site well, Make it look interesting because usually the first 7 seconds is all you have. You need to leave a good first impression or else everybody will just press the back button and get out of there.
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fun Downloads (Keep Eyes Open For The Recommended ones toward the bottom)

Here are a bunch of fun downloads that can be used for your business, But most likely aren't for business. But they are just awesome to have! I think they are great to have on your computer because they can all have somewhat of a contribute to your business. But be care full how you use some of them, such as lime wire, if you download the wrong file, You will likely get a bug or worm or even a virus. Refer to the Lime Wire article to review how you can tell if the file is a virus.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition (Recommended)
Protect your computer from viruses and malicious programs

Avira AntiVir Personal Free Antivirus
Detect and eliminate viruses, get free protection for home users.

Advance System Care Free Edition (Recommended)
Protect, repair, optimize, and clean your computer in one click.

Youtube Downloader
Download YouTube videos and convert them to various formats.

Orbit Downloader
All Videos, Music, One Click.

WinRAR (32 bit) (Rocommended)
Take full control over RAR and ZIP archives, along with an ability to unpack a dozen other archive formats.

Frost Wire
Share files on Gnutella and Bittorrent network.

Foxit Reader
View, print, and convert your PDF files.

Camfrog Video Chat
Join live-video chat rooms from around the world.

Gom Media Player (Recommended)
Play video files in most of the popular video formats.

Free Youtube to MP3 converter
Extract and download music from YouTube movies.

Lime Wire
Download songs, movies, and other files for free

iTunes (Recommended)
Subscribe to Podcasts, buy movies, music, and is used as the database of your iPod

Primo PDF (Recommended
PDF Software


Adobe Flash Professional (Recommended)
Flash Software


Swish Max (Recommended)
Add Flash animation to your site by selecting from ready-to-use effects.

Cool Flash Maker (Recommended)
Design animated flash intros, flash banners, flash ads, and flash movies.

Logo Smarts (Recommended)
Create your own logos using a rich database of templates, graphic symbols, and fonts.
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How to Make Money Online!

Everything you need to Make Money Online is inspiration, work ethic, and simply good ways to make money online. You must keep your cool! If you give up easy than Making Money Online may not be for you. You have to be dedicated and ready to change your life, Here is a good strategy that I was told to use when I started trying to make money online, Write down every one of your dreams on paper, do this right now. Once you are done with that simple task, Visualize yourself doing those things you wrote down. To make money online you must have the correct mindset. If you don't than by by money, Now try to visualize and experience the excitement about having that life, visualize yourself driving down the street in a Lamborghini or the look on your closest friends face when you can help them through a rough time. All because of the fact that you worked hard to find the ways to make money online. And once you started to make money online, your life completely changed forever. Imagine your self in Egypt, with your portable laptop that you can bring anywhere to make money online. Just visualize your future and your dreams. Once you have the mindset, You should be ready to start trying to make money online.

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