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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mass Traffic With Backlinks!

Backlinks are a huge part of blogging and owning your own website. It gives you exposure wich also gives you more traffic and more traffic means more subscriber's and more subscriber's equal more money. It is all in the hard work, and it does take a while to get a lot of backlinks to your site. But I am going to give you a way to do it very fast.

Go download your version of seriously, This is what you need if you truly want good backlinks. Article Assistant will completely amaze you and do everything for you. All you need to do Is download it and it will help you submit hundreds of backlinks for free! So hurry up and get that.

Another thing that you must do to get a lot of backlinks fast is write articles. Thats right, every time you write an article you can submit it to over 200 article websites and put a backlink to your website on it. Imagine if you wrote 200 articles, and submited those 200 articles to all 200 websites, imagine how many backlinks that would be, I cant even do the math (figure of speech) but seriously if you want to be able to do something like that just download this free software, it not only helps you submit articles, but helps you make them too! So download it here at

Do be aware that you need to use this link in your in your author box. So basically If your URL was and your keyword was goldfish, but the words you want to show up as the link is Aliens then it would look like this. title=goldfish>Tropical Fish
That would show up as Aliens

I hope you understood that because it is very crucial in your article back links.
You can also submit your links to forums and even other blogs. Just comment loads of blogs and leave a backlink, make sure to explain in your comment what youre website is, but dont make it to long because people get easily annoyed. With forums all you have to do is place your link and a discription in one of your forums, and there you go you have a bunch of backlinks from those comments and forums.
You can also exchange links online with other bloggers and other website owners, The best place for this is likely but they are likely booked. They are not letting new people in right now but keep checking so if they do you can hurry up and grab your spot. That is the Link exchange world try not to miss out on it.
 You can also submit News articles, try to take an article you wrote, turn it into a news article and submit it to news sites. That is a super effective way to get backlinks because if you article is good enough, it can likely get a front page which will creat a suction cup of traffic to your site. If you can get your article on the front of a website like than you will be really happy with the results.

Another great place too submit news articles is at, that place will likely bring you a couple boatloads full of traffic. This is one of my better strategy's, There are other places but I would definitely recommend those two, in fact I wouldnt go with any others. But incase you really want to here is a couple more.

I would stay within those four websites, They are the best ones you can find. Others are just a waste of time.

Another affective way to get backlinks is by buying them, this could prove very helpful and is likely better than the free ones, they dont cost a lot and are very easy to set up. So here are some great sites to buy links from.

Those are all of the main ways to get backlinks to your blogs, there are other ways that are actually very smart but a little harder to do and figure out. You can make a video which actually isnt that hard, and if it is good quality it can generate hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of views. It is very hard to make a video that can turn out that popular but it is something to try.

You can even try offline marketing, but that never proves very affective for me. Ok so my point in giving you all of these ways to make backlinks Is very simple. I do every single one of these tactics, and they all generate me thousands of views everyday. These are things you must do to get a blog that will generate that much traffic. So I recommend getting started on them right away.


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