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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Big Changes In Blog Community

Blogging is not how it use to be, it has been changing a lot, There have been huge changes in the blogging network just in the past couple of years. You need to be aware that changes can affect your blog in so many way's, You will find that when one big change happens, your profits will drop greatly.And when they drop greatly it is obvious that the reason is that your traffic has slowed down. I have been studying these changes for a while now and have found out some big ones, that you absolutely need to know about. In just the past Year and a Half all of these changes have taken place...

Advertising is growing to be a huge opporitunity for everybody in the world, Bloggers can immediatley take that advertising place it on theyre blogs and make huge profit. The only form of advertising that surpasses blog advertising is Pay Per Click, which is another form of marketing that we will get to later. This is obviously a great opportunity for everybody in the blogging community because we are all basically being tossed into a ring of money, you just have to out advertise others to obtain a permanent place in that ring.

Try not to get a free blog, that is something that is really killing the blogging network, if you do have one of these sights, the ones like you will not be able to join the ring as easy as the rest of us, it will take way longer and could even be impossible. Buying a domain name is easy and cheap, but we will get to that later. If you have already started a free blogging network, I do have good news. If you fallow along on this tutorial you to can obtain greatness, just not as easy as the rest of us. This system will teach you who have the free blog networks, how to get the big money.

It is true these 2 changes are very important to the blogging network. The fact that advertising is growing criticaly and the fact the free blogs are pretty much dead. Though this is true you can still make it work!


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