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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Obtaining the right Mind Set For Obtaning a Great Online Business!

Everybody should know and understand that a mindset is everything in being successful in business, You cant just tell yourself that you want to make a lot of money. You have to have goals and dreams, you have to be so dedicated to obtaining your dreams that nothing can stop you! If you don't believe me and think that mindset is that least important thing, than this business is likely not for you! You don't understand how important this is! You have to be able to experience the feelings of your goals. I know this sounds funny but I am dead serious. If your not experiencing the feelings, Than you probably wont be very successful. Now I am going to give you some training for Obtaining the right mind set. There are going to be just 3 steps, those steps are in order.

1. Focus your Goals and Drive to Achieve Success!
Get a blank piece of paper, And write down at least 20 things you want in your future. This is a very important step! It doesn't matter what those things are. Just write down your wildest dreams, they don't even have to be possible! Do you remember when your a kid and you thought you could do anything? Bring those thoughts into this. For instance, if you want a Private Jet, or to be able to take world trips to places such as Egypt or Rome or Places like Disney World, You can write down a Helicopter and a Landing Pad on your roof. Snowmobiles, Home Theaters, Indoor and outdoor pool, even an underground pool! Just think like anything is possible! Farrari, Backyard Waterfall, Being able to help those that need it, such as family members, charity's, and maybe even into programs that help young Adults stay out of trouble, Or help them stop their addiction to drugs. Just write it down like anything is possibe! This is a very important step! Because you will keep this paper, as a reminder of your dreams, So every time you look at that paper, You will get motivated again and do what you need to do!, Trust me I didnt want to do this either, But I did and it was definitely for the best benefit, Because I have used my paper as a checklist, And I have checked off about 3/4ths of that paper! I find that a huge achievement! And I am still motivated to check off the rest. If you have finished this step, It is time for step 2.

2. Experience the Motivation and Drive!
This is where you have to literally experience all the goals mentioned on your piece of paper! Sit down and look over you piece of paper! and put yourself in a deep trance and think what your life would be like if you achieved those goals. Imagine sitting next to the Pyramids in Egypt, Flying there with your own Helicopter or Private Jet! Imagine driving to the Airport, Stepping out of your vehicle and immediately into your own private jet, no waiting in lines, and everyone around you being jealous of your success. Imagine pulling into a gas station with the nicest Ferrari anybody has ever seen, and everyone is just staring at your car, thinking to themselves that it must be nice, completely jealous. This may sound  mean, But you worked hard to achieve that goal. You would definitely be feeling good about yourself! Think about helping your family members move into a new home, or maybe even pay for your parents retirement. Imagine the looks on their faces, to see that you have grown into that kind of person. It doesn't matter what you think about, But picture the future life that you want and imagine yourself rolling up to you mansion in your Ferrari! Picture everything you wrote down! this will help you experience the feeling! So do this now!!

If you have fallowed these to steps briefly, you should have experienced the feeling for yourself, If you have experienced the feeling, you are most definitely ready to move on to building your business, Because you have the drive to keep going and make your dreams come true! If you truly feel ready to build your business after reading this.


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How to Make Money Online!

Everything you need to Make Money Online is inspiration, work ethic, and simply good ways to make money online. You must keep your cool! If you give up easy than Making Money Online may not be for you. You have to be dedicated and ready to change your life, Here is a good strategy that I was told to use when I started trying to make money online, Write down every one of your dreams on paper, do this right now. Once you are done with that simple task, Visualize yourself doing those things you wrote down. To make money online you must have the correct mindset. If you don't than by by money, Now try to visualize and experience the excitement about having that life, visualize yourself driving down the street in a Lamborghini or the look on your closest friends face when you can help them through a rough time. All because of the fact that you worked hard to find the ways to make money online. And once you started to make money online, your life completely changed forever. Imagine your self in Egypt, with your portable laptop that you can bring anywhere to make money online. Just visualize your future and your dreams. Once you have the mindset, You should be ready to start trying to make money online.

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