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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Top 5 Most Important Blogging Facts

Youre blog needs to attract visitors and in most part, needs to stick those visitors to it.
This is very important in the blogging network, You need to have full time visitors coming
back to visit your page again and again. Make sure You give them a way to subscribe and when tthey do subscribe, make sure you send them weekly emails keeping them in touch with you blog, so they want to keep coming back. You need RSS feed buttons to make your blog feel more comfortable to everyone that visits. You can do this by using
This network will help you get your subscribe button's, and other great utilities to help bring in more traffic. Make sure to use chicklets like google and yahoo. Just the most popular ones will do.

Make sure that your blog has some personality, Don't make your blog boring to the point that knowbody will want to come back and read again. If it is boring your visitors will see it and leave right away. You need to make sure to put some “pizazz” into your blog make it interesting. You can use strategy's such as asking questions, asking for comments and ask them to give you their thoughts. There is a really cool tool you can use that has been very popular for me it is called a Shoutbox you can find this utility at this website.
Just make sure you write interesting stories and keep your audience alive.

Make as much money as possible, dont let anything go to waste, make sure you are keeping your audience in touch and make sure your blog is not being just tossed aside. Get in their faces and make sure you make a name for yourself. You can do stuff such as posting at forums which is easy, all you have to do is type your (your niche forums) in google or yahoo and you will find plenty of forums to post at. Get backlinks, and other strategy's we will talk about later on.

Do not let your blog die make sure you don't over pack it with advertising. That is a huge mistake, If you over pack your blog people will feel crowded and want to leave. Especially with the free blogs, If it looks like your only using your blog for money, blogger will delete it and you will never be able to use that blog again. It will be a Big disaster, because you will have lost everything you have worked for. So ways you can make it so your blog wont be deleted is to make sure that its pact with quality information. Add pictures and just a few advertisements, This way you will get the most out of what you worked to get. Keep posting! At least once a weak for your popular blogs. If you don't then it will die and you will lose all of your traffic. If you feel you have too many blogs and cant keep up with them all. Than simply sell them, You can use ebay for selling your blogs and get good profit out of the deal as well.

THE NUMBER ONE BIGGEST RULE TO FALLOW! Is to not give up! I have come so close so many times I have lost track. It can get very frustrating not knowing what you are suppose to do because one day you think you have found out the thing that will finally work, The one thing that will give you all the money you have been looking for, and then it all falls apart and you don't get the results you were hoping for or even any results at all. If that has happened to you I know exactly how you feel, I have been there so many times its unbelieveable. So just stick to it and if you have the heart and the endurance you will definitely succeed. GUARANTEED!


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