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Monday, December 7, 2009

Ultimate Twitter Traffic Pro Method!

Twitter is one of the most important resourses in a marketers life. This is a huge secret to everyone on the online busyness. It is truly amazing how improtant twitter is. It can be used to triple ones earning potential.

First go grab yourself an account, I wouldn't name your twitter URL after yourself, in fact I would think of maybe a TV show or famous person that is an expert on your topic niche and use a name that can copycat that. This way when people you are targeting see your name, they will know you, they wont just say “who is that” and walk away. You need to grab fallower's and this is a great start to that.

After you grab your account, I know that it will be tempting. But do not go and start fallowing everybody on the network. You will look like a spammer, though this truly could result in a lot of fallowers, it wont matter because none of them will have an interest in your topic niche. Make sure you are targeting people that are interested in your topics.

First thing you should do, is download Twhirl this is an excellent tool for twitter, in fact after downloading it you will never have to get involved in twitters main site again. You can just open It from your desktop and its just a little box on your desktop.

You can fully operate twitter from right there. If you go to youtube and type in
“ed dale” His page will come up, click on it and browse his videos until you find the how to use twhirl videos. He will completely show you how to use everything on twhirl, and that mans knowledge with twitter is truly phenomenal.
  • Promote Your Twitter - I promoted my twitter everywhere, from my blog to my email list to forum signatures. Do whatever you can to send tons of traffic to your twitter page.
  • Engage In Conversations - If people don’t see you actually engaging in conversations i.e. replying to other people’s tweets then they will see you as unsocial and simply unfollow you. Twitter is about interaction and relationships. Just think of it this way: will you still continue following someone who just simply ignores you? Unless he or she is a celebrity or thought-leader, probably not. One-way communication just doesn’t work to well on Twitter.
  • Tweet Useful Content - Simply tweet stuff that are interesting or useful and people will follow you. If all you do is tweet “at work” or “at home” or “at school”, you probably won’t get too many followers. 

    Tweet Often - Not tweeting is one of the biggest turn-offs to a follower. It’s just like not updating your blog for a couple of months. People will simply not come back to your site (or unfollow you in this case) Make sure to tweet at least once per day. Of course don’t over do it.
  • Answer Questions – when you are using twhirl, it is easy to look up and find the places that people need help in your topic niche. Help them and talk them into fallowing you. A very easy way.
 Another HUGE secret for getting loads of fallowers fast, is a tool called Twitter Blaster Pro. This is a BIG secret. It allows you to auto fallow however many people you want a day. It is really great. So for using this method, I suggest only use it if your starting out to get a good fallower count. So you look more popular. 

So here is what you do, Auto fallow 100 new people everyday, and every other day unfallow those that have not fallowed you back. To do this fast use the twitter karma tool. You can find both these tools if you type them in the search bar at the top of the page (Very top) Twitter blaster pro you download, Twitter Karma is just another way to login to your twitter account basically, except its to control who and who doesnt fallow you.

Using Every single method I told you here to day, everyday for the next 30 days, You could very well have over 20,000 Fallowers. But thats with time and effort, and if the content your posting is any good.

The whole point of twitter for your business is talking people into fallowing you. By helping them and starting good conversation. Tell them that you have great information that can prove use full to them, and all they have to do to get it is fallow you. This really does work, and if you dont use twitter for your busyness, you are truly a fool. THIS IS A MUST DO!!!!!!!


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