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Friday, April 30, 2010

Download and Use Twitter Blaster Pro

1. Download Twitter Blaster Pro

2. Open and Enter Your Twitter Account Name, and Password, Log in

3. Go to Gather ID, than go to the right screen, and search for a popular person, one close to your niche.

4. Click their page, And view all of their fallowers.

5. Click Gather ID's from all pages and hit Gather ID at the bottom.

6. Wait for all of the ID's To Be Gathered and save your list to any destination you want.

7. Import the list to Auto Following with the Import button.

8. Than go to Setting, set delay from 1 to 2 and go head and set the following to 100

9. Than go back to Auto Following, and press start, you will then start Following everybody on the list one by one.

NOTE. do this once a day, don't follow more than a hundred people a day because it can lead to your account being ban. Give every body you followed 2 days, if they have not followed you back, go to TWITTER KARMA sign in with your twitter account, and unfollow everybody who hasn't followed you back yet. This is a great tool, use it!

Also Note. This is the trial version of Twitter Blaster Pro if you would like the register code, send me an email through the help button at the top, or just send me one at, and put "register code" in the subject. I will reply to you with the code!
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Setting Up Twhirl For Twitter

1. Download Adobe Air, you will need it, it will be the program to help you unpack the program for twhirl

2. Download Twhirl

3. Open it and type in your account Name

4. If you have added your account(s), just click on the specified account you wish to use and hit Connect

5. Now type in your password, hit remember if you do not wish to keep typing it in.

6. Each of the Icons on the very bottom of Twhirl has its own important use.

  • Toggle - you can toggle your message screen on or off
  • Home - whatever other icon you clicked, it resets your screen so you would see it as you would see your Twitter home page.
  • @ - Replies - Click on it if you want to see what replies that you have received.
  • Envelope - Directs - Allows you to see your Direct Messages.
  • Archive - Allows you to see what is in your archive
  • Heart - Allows you to see any tweets you have saved as a favorite
  • Friends/Followers - You can see who is following you with this button.
  • Lookup - You can look for a specific topic, to see what people are saying.
7. The sidebar Has its own Importance As well

  • Camera - Upload a picture to share with others.
  • Chain/links - Click on this to shorten a URL. Click on it, a dialog window will open for you to type your URL into, then it will become a tinyurl link.
  • The number displayed is the number that you have left to type.
  • Check mark - Basically, the same as the enter key
8. If you hover over a persons picture in the tweet box that has sent out a tweet.
This brings up a little square (over the picture) with the four things you can do with/to/for that follower. The choices are Send Reply, Direct Message, Favor, or Retweet.
You will use these alot
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

List of Article Directories


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List of Social Networks

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List of Social Media Networks

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List of Social Bookmarking Networks

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How to Make Money Online!

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